18 December, 2023
Top 10 CV Red Flags
  1. Spelling/Grammar mistakes - In this day and age there is simply no excuse for it. Get your spellchecker out and use it. If you are unsure, get someone to proof read it for you. But if you are applying for a job that includes even a little amount of administration...it will be a huge NO THANK YOU!
  2. Unexplained gaps in employment - Gaps aren’t the problem, it’s the lack of explanation. Were you raising a family, caring for a loved one? Having a health issue? Employers are actually understanding of most things, but if you avoid explanation it looks like you have something to hide and that is a concern.
  3. Job Hopping - Most companies want someone who will stay longer than 2 years. So if you change jobs a lot, it indicates a lack of commitment. If you have a number of temporary roles, it would be wise to put these together into one entry.
  4. No Education - Any education is better than nothing. Always ensure you list any qualifications you have. Even if there are not many. You can add a brief explanation and include any work related courses you have attended.
  5. Generic Profiles / Talking in 3rd Person - Your profile should be written about you as an individual and highlight what makes you different to other applicants. Using standard phrases or talking like someone else is describing you shows a lack of effort and imagination
  6. Paragraphs instead of bullet points -  In all likelihood the recruiter won’t read it. They may have 100 CV’s to go through. If you don’t capture their attention in 10 seconds, you are out of the race.
  7. Fonts you can’t read - Designing the layout and feel of your CV is essential but going over the top is a huge mistake. Keep it simple and clear.
  8. It’s a CV not an Essay - Absolutely no more than 3 pages. That doesn’t mean make the font so small you can’t read it, it means keep to what is important, keep it concise, focus on achievement.
  9. Copy & Paste - Don’t duplicate your duties for every job, don’t copy and paste from Ai or website templates. Employers have seen it all before.
  10. CV not relevant to the job This is the biggest reason why even relevant applicants often get overlooked. The employers inbox is flooded with applications that are simply irrelevant to the job they are recruiting for. On average you have 3 seconds to show you have what they are looking for so use it wisely!