"Understanding the human element is fundamental to the success of a perfect recruitment match, a fact often overlooked by recruitment agencies. Our approach is proactive and collaborative. We work with all parties on an individual basis to ensure we are facilitating a partnership that will encourage long-term growth and prosperity."

~ Liz Harrison, Founder & Managing Director

About Us

Welcome to Mpeople Recruitment, where we champion the human element in recruitment. In an age dominated by AI and automation, we believe in the power of personalised, face-to-face interactions to truly understand the needs of both candidates and employers. With a legacy of 17 years, our mission is to build lasting relationships that foster growth and success.

Our Story

Mpeople Recruitment was founded by Liz Harrison on January 8th, 2007. Liz began her career in recruitment in 1986, driven by a passion for making a difference in the lives of others by helping them find their career paths. From the very start, Liz realized that the heart of recruitment lies in understanding people – their aspirations, strengths, and the unique qualities they bring to their roles. After three decades in the industry, Liz saw immense changes and opportunities for growth, leading to the establishment of Mpeople Recruitment.

Since our inception, we have expanded our presence with offices throughout the North West of England and our Yorkshire branches. Our growth has been fueled by our commitment to adapting to the ever-evolving recruitment landscape while staying true to our core values. Over the years, we have built a reputation for excellence, reliability, and a personalized approach that sets us apart in the competitive recruitment market.

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Our Values

At Mpeople Recruitment, our values are the foundation of everything we do. They guide our actions, shape our culture, and ensure that we consistently deliver the best possible service to our clients and candidates.

Ethical Practice:

In the fast-paced world of recruitment, ethical behavior plays a pivotal role in fostering long-term relationships and maintaining industry integrity. It's the hallmark of trust and reliability. We adhere to the highest ethical standards, ensuring that our interactions with clients and candidates are always honest, transparent, and respectful. Our commitment to ethical practice is a code we live by every day, reflecting our dedication to doing what is right.

Sincere & Collaborative:

We believe in working hand-in-hand with our clients, building relationships based on mutual trust and understanding. Transparency and honesty are essential tools in earning trust and achieving shared goals. Whether it's analyzing your team dynamics or assisting with additional training, we are committed to helping you get the best from your team. Our collaborative approach ensures that we are not just service providers, but true partners in your success.

Keeping the Human Element Alive:

In an age where everything is digital, we appreciate the numerous tools AI and automation can bring to the table. However, we firmly believe that recruitment is about people. Taking the time to understand our candidates' motivations for moving roles, as well as the work environment and culture of our clients, gives us a distinct advantage. We are dedicated to maintaining the human element in all our interactions, ensuring that we place candidates in roles where they can truly thrive.

Shared Prosperity for All:

At Mpeople Recruitment, shared prosperity is a key requirement. Internally, we prioritize the health and well-being of our team, creating a supportive and nurturing work environment. Externally, we are committed to giving back to our community. You will find us supporting numerous charity and community partnerships, reflecting our belief that success is best when it is shared. Our commitment to shared prosperity ensures that we contribute positively to the lives of our employees, clients, and the broader community.

Our Services

We specialise in connecting the right talent with the right opportunities across a diverse range of fields. Our comprehensive recruitment services cover:

Accountancy & Finance:

We place qualified accountants, financial analysts, and other finance professionals who can help your business thrive financially. Our candidates are skilled in managing financial records, preparing reports, conducting audits, and providing strategic financial insights. Whether you need expertise in budgeting, tax preparation, financial planning, or regulatory compliance, our finance professionals ensure your financial health and stability.

Sales & Marketing:

Our recruiters find top talent in sales and marketing, ensuring your company reaches its target audience effectively. We understand the importance of having a dynamic sales team and innovative marketing professionals who can drive growth and brand recognition. From sales representatives and account managers to digital marketers and brand strategists, we connect you with individuals who excel in developing and executing successful sales and marketing campaigns.


We specialise in finding candidates with expertise in the insurance industry, from underwriters to claims adjusters. Our recruitment services cover a broad spectrum of roles within insurance, including risk management, policy administration, and customer service. We ensure that you find professionals who are knowledgeable about industry regulations, capable of assessing risks accurately, and committed to providing excellent service to policyholders.


Our engineering recruitment services cover a wide range of disciplines, from civil to mechanical engineering. We place engineers who are innovators and problem-solvers, capable of designing and implementing complex systems and projects. Whether you need civil engineers for infrastructure projects, mechanical engineers for product development, or electrical engineers for energy solutions, we provide access to top-tier talent that meets your technical and project management needs.


We help you find experienced executives who can lead your organization to new heights. Our executive search services focus on identifying leaders with the vision, strategic thinking, and management skills necessary to drive your company’s success. From CEOs and CFOs to department heads and directors, we connect you with executives who are capable of steering your organization through growth and transformation.

Purchasing & Supply Chain:

Our specialists place professionals in purchasing, logistics, and supply chain management, ensuring your operations run efficiently. We recruit individuals who excel in procurement, inventory management, distribution, and supply chain optimization. Our candidates are adept at negotiating with suppliers, managing logistics networks, and implementing strategies to reduce costs and improve supply chain performance, ultimately enhancing your operational efficiency.


We connect you with skilled workers in the manufacturing sector, from production managers to quality control inspectors. Our manufacturing recruitment services cover roles in production planning, machinery operation, process improvement, and quality assurance. We provide access to professionals who understand the intricacies of manufacturing processes, ensuring that your production lines operate smoothly, efficiently, and with the highest standards of quality.

Why Choose Us?

At Mpeople Recruitment, we don't just fill positions; we build lasting relationships. Our proactive and personalized approach, combined with our dedication to ethical practices and the human touch, ensures that we understand your unique needs and goals. By choosing us, you are partnering with a team that values people over algorithms and integrity over efficiency.

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Join us in creating success stories that go beyond algorithms. Whether you're a candidate looking for a new challenge or an employer looking to grow your team, Mpeople Recruitment is here to help. Get in touch with us today to experience the difference of a recruitment partner who truly cares about your success.


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