"Absolutely fantastic recruitment company. Found a role in my area that was not advertised and related perfectly to what I was looking for as a next step in my career. They have just helped me get a new job, which I was finding an extremely tough process by myself. Yvonne is a star, an extremely personable and relatable professional, who has been a rock throughout my journey. Thank you Yvonne!!"

 ~ Robbie | Facilities Management Role

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At Mpeople Recruitment we take the time to understand you and the markets that you have worked in.

We know what you value the most, and it is our mission to provide you with a job that adds value to your life. Whether that is helping you to gain career progression, improve work-life balance or reduce your commute, we take time to understand your motivators and find a role to enhance your life.

We believe it takes work to find the right job for you. The perfect fit requires more than matching a CV to a job specification. That's why we will always want to meet with you in person and offer you a full consultation. If geography mitigates against this, Teams always works! We don't just offer you work which we have available. We research the market, promote your unique profile and talk to the right contacts on your behalf. It's not about just any job - it's about the right position for you.

Unsure what your next move should be?

If you are unfulfilled in your current role, it's important we understand why! It may be a sideways move would only offer similar frustrations.

We are known for our abilities to recognise certain personality traits and incorporate those insights into your job search. We combine a number of techniques including Kolbs Learning Styles and Colour profiles. Are you a Fiery Red for example? A Driver, Entrepreneur, Leader or a Cool Blue? A Strategist, Analyst, Engineer? We will work with you to to really understand what makes you tick! Get in touch to find out more!

Our Service Promise

We know that there's nothing more frustrating than taking the time to register with a recruitment agency, only to hear nothing back.The speed in the recruitment market is phenomenal at the moment, and most vacancies are closed off within a week. It is an employee’s market so it is essential to be able to act quickly. There are agencies that fill jobs and agencies that create jobs and we are proactive in creating opportunities and we take the candidate - you - to market. If you are applying for a vacancy through a job site, your experience will be different than the way that we will work with you on a personal level.

  • We work via a consultative process. It is very much about you and what you want, and we will work to create opportunities that meet those requirements.
  • We deal with you individually and talk to you about your skills, aspirations, expertise, and what motivates you.
  • We provide regular updates on our progress and the local job market.
  • We give transparent and truthful advice - even when you apply for jobs elsewhere!
  • We provide honest client feedback from interviews and will help you prepare for the next one.
  • We keep in touch with our temporary workers during assignments to keep you in regular work.


"Sam at Mpeople has been absolutely fantastic from start to finish. She answered any questions I had and gave me the best interview prep. I have now been offered the position of my dreams and I can’t thank Sam enough for her patience and support along every step of the way. She has been amazing and cares about getting you the right job for you. Thank you Sam!"

  ~ Laura | Customer Services Role in Burnley

"Just like to say a massive thank you to Ana and the team they was brilliant throughout the whole process from my applying for the job right up to being recruited. Her enthusiasm and passion, with great communication was excellent and she even made contact over the weekend! Supported me with good points and guidance prior to interview. Highly recommend Ana and thank you for finding me such a fantastic position and the rest of the MPeople team by far the best recruitment agency around and truly fabulous at what they do best always putting you first and ensuring every base is covered can’t thank them enough especially Ana , who is just awesome and a fantastic wonderful person with a big heart ,who is a delight to work with so thanks a million good luck and all the very best to you all at Mpeople , as you guys really do make the difference with your service especially during these tough times we are all facing in life"

  ~ Shaz | Account Manager Role in Denton

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