Office Services

First of all I want to say how much I highly recommend Mpeople. Tia has gone above and beyond to help secure a place of work. She has kept giving me weekly updates anytime she can, always does more than the actual job role, I can’t praise Tia enough. If you are looking for a job full time or part time than this is the company for you too help achieve that. The staff are all so lovely and I just can not recommend them enough, thank you Tia!!!


Office Services

I would like to say a huge BIG thank you to Sarah!!! I have been so impressed with the rapid turn around in which she has found me a suitable role with an employer. I literally received a phone call back from her straight away after speaking to her colleague. She has a really warm and friendly manner and took the time to listen carefully about my experience and future requirements. It’s been lovely to deal with Sarah. The one thing that impressed me the most was the fact that she took the time to ring me on a Friday before finishing work, just to give me that re-assurance that even though Sarah was waiting to hear back from the employer about an interview, she would be back in touch the following week. Sarah put my mind at rest. It is very unsettling when you are out of work, something which I haven’t experienced before so it really deserves a thank you for keeping me posted all of the time from start to finish. I will be recommending Sarah to other people as you are a credit to Mpeople. Thanks again, Sarah 🤗


Office Services

Ana Pankowski is one of the best recruitment consultants I have ever dealt with. She contacted me straight away when I applied for a job and asked me about my previous role to make sure I was a good fit for the position. She then got me an interview straight away. She talked me through the job role and went through interview questions with me prior to the interview. She called straight after to see how it had gone and also provided feedback off the employer (which was great 😁) I got the job!! Massive thanks to Ana. She is very friendly and professional and genuinely cares about helping people get the jobs they want!


Education - West Thames College

I have personally found Mpeople Education to be incredibly professional and their people-focused approach has been a highlight. They have shown this by staying in touch throughout the initial period of settling in and beyond which I have certainly appreciated. Would I recommend Mpeople Education to others looking for temporary/permanent work? Absolutely!



Shasta is a professional individual with a very warm personality. She engaged with me over LinkedIn and offered her assistance and was very hands on with the whole recruitment process from start to finish. She provided me with advice and really spent a lot of time speaking with me on a personal level also. Shasta always got back to me whether it was via text, email or a phone call and followed up on communication throughout. I cannot recommend her enough!!

Offices Services Candidate

Office Services

To say that I was impressed with Sharon is a complete understatement. She found me my perfect role, secured me an interview, and got me the job offer in less than 4 days! I’m delighted with my role as Sharon has paired my personality and skills & requirements with my dream company. Sharon is always upbeat, enthusiastic and positive with 100% focus. She really delivered on her commitments .. phoning me every time she said she would (and on time!) and always keeping me in the loop. She massively exceeded my expectations. Having dealt with other recruiters previously I feel qualified to say that Sharon is my sole recommendation!


Accountancy & Finance

Just wanted to say thank you for the time and effort you have gone to over the past week to help secure me a placement. I was very impressed with not only your professionalism but also your personable manner. I found the whole process to be effortless as I was kept up to date throughout and received feedback at every step.

Natalie Leigh

Accountancy & Finance - Placed at Saville Whittle

I had the pleasure of working with MPeople in 2018 whilst I was looking for a new job. From the moment I met Aaron I was confident that he would be able to assist in my job search. Unlike most recruitment consultants, he came across as genuine, friendly and extremely helpful. Aaron was thorough in his work and only put me forward for roles which were relevant to my location, salary bracket and skill set and didn’t waste time with roles that weren’t suitable for me. Within a couple of months of first meeting Aaron, and thanks to his dedication and hard work, he put me forward for a role which was ideal for me. After a successful interview I was offered the job and have now been happily working for the company for 4 months and hopefully for a long time to come!

Georgina English

Accountancy & Finance - Placed at TUSK

Aaron was so attentive from start to finish. Finding a new job is can be a very daunting process, but Aaron made me feel at ease and provided me the support I needed throughout my job search. He prepared me well for interviews and ensured he stayed in constant contact. Unlike previous experiences with recruitment agencies, Aaron ensured he treated me like an individual rather than just a number. I felt as though Aaron really made the effort to build a relationship with me to ensure he found me the perfect job. I would recommend Mpeople to anyone wanting a friendly, understanding, professional experience.

Laura Devall

Accountancy & Finance - Placed at Crane

I uploaded my CV to online job websites and pinged it off to any Jobs I thought I’d be able to do… a few agencies got in touch with me and asked if I would like them to forward my CV onto possible future Employers. Of course, I said yes – go for it! Very rarely I would hear back from the agencies and I would end up chasing the them to see where the process was up to. Often left wondering if they had even bothered forwarding my CV on or not! Then Aaron from MPeople got in touch with me, and asked if I would like him to help me in finding a new job. I said yes as the more people helping me find a job, the better. Aaron however was different to the other Agencies I had been in contact with. He would e-mail detailed job specs over, give me key information about the Company and keep me updated with all communication from his Client. Aaron secured multiple interviews for me, and each time I had an interview he would be extremely thorough in giving me all the details about the Company, what sort of work the Business carried out, if it was a large/small office, he would give me every detail! Even directions to get there and giving me the heads-up about what sort of atmosphere to expect. The final interview I had was by far the best as the day after he rang me with the best news – they offered me a job! He was so supportive throughout the whole process and always encouraged me to keep positive – after having a few interviews that I wasn’t successful in it’s easy to start doubting yourself, but he kept me motivated. If you have the opportunity for Aaron to assist you in a job search, you’ve got the best recruiter in town in my eyes!