8 April, 2021

Thinking about signing with a Recruitment Agency to assist you with the job hunt? Here's why you should go for it! 

Knowledge is power!

As a team of specialists, we are able to offer a wealth of industry knowledge. We're aware of market trends, as well as knowing what businesses are looking for and how to stand out in the industry! We have years of experience in matching candidates to positions within companies that support their growth and overall employment needs. After all, employees with high job satisfaction lead to a successful business!

Many added benefits, including help with your CV and interview preparation!

We are fiercely passionate about matching candidates with their dream role. That's why, here at Mpeople, we invest time in getting to know each one of our candidates, along with their skill set, expectations and requirements. Additionally, we offer free assistance with CV-writing and interview preparation to help set our candidates up for success. If you have any questions, we're only a phone call away and always happy to help!

The job hunt is time-consuming! We handle the whole process.

How long do you spend scrolling through job boards? Are you finding very few jobs of interest? How long are you spending completing each application? How many have you heard back from?

It can often feel extremely overwhelming and somewhat exhausting, having spent hours on an application, only to never actually receive any response. We believe, very strongly, in personal development. That's why we promise to provide regular updates and inform our candidates of any feedback that we have received from our clients. This way, candidates know when they've performed well in an interview, or are made aware of any areas of development to improve upon for future applications.  

Additionally, we have a long, varied list of job opportunities available that aren't on regular job boards. We're able to find roles that tick all the boxes, taking the pressure off you and freeing up your time!

Last but not least, using a Recruitment Agency costs nothing!