8 October, 2021


Finding the RIGHT candidate for your vacancies has always been important –

But what is the ‘right candidate’ to you?

  • Do they have impressive qualifications?
  • Have they been in work since they finished school?
  • Have they been doing a similar role for the last 5 years?
  • Are they experienced in the software you use?
  • Have they stayed with their previous employers for a fair amount of time?

As much as these factors can add value – finding a candidate that ticks every box can not only be impossible, but might not necessarily be the right solution.

  • A person studying or even just planning to commence their studies can still offer a new view & give different ideas
  • They may not have been on plan for this career straight away, but they are here now and have done the right things to gain the right skills which is just as credible
  • Experience does not equal knowledge or efficiency! Of course it helps.. absolutely. But someone with 1 year of exceptional training and hands on working can also be just as (if not more) valuable than someone who may have just made it up as they went along for 5 years..
  • Software’s can be taught. You had to learn it at some point. And if you find yourself a fast learner, you’re laughing.
  • Of course, it’s not the best first impression on a CV when someone’s recent roles haven’t lasted long, but DO NOT disregard someone based off this. This can be down to SO many factors that are unavoidable such as redundancy, ill-health in the family, childcare issues.. the list is huge. This is something to delve into at interview stage.

Another factor employers try to focus on is personality fit. Yes, this is important for many obvious reasons, however personalities aren't a one-fits-all thing.

A great example of this is a colleague I worked with last year; we couldn't possibly have been more different in both personality and our approaches to work, yet we went together like Gin & Tonic and our strengths & weaknesses balanced out almost perfectly. We were a solid, highly effective team and even became good friends..

Differences or similarities can have both a positive or negative effect, however this is something that cannot be determined beforehand, not fully. That person you have nothing in common with, could be the missing piece you need & that person who ticks every single box and seems just like you, could be the clash of the decade!

If you see strong potential, rather than a 'perfect' candidate - give them the chance!

They could be the best hiring decision you ever made.. or not. But how else would you know?!