25 February, 2022


When working from home it is very easy to stay in bed just that little bit longer. However, maintaining the same routine you have when working from the office maintains a good rhythm for the rest of your day.

Try spending what would be your commute into work as a time to relax and unwind before you working day begins. This could be exercising, reading, listening to a podcast or music – whatever works for you.

Ensure you have regular breaks to avoid burnout. You would have regular breaks without realizing at work, that could be a coffee break, having a little chat with a colleague – so make sure to do the same whilst at home. Don’t skip your lunch break, make some time to do something for yourself on this lunch break too as you will notice it will lead to you being more focused and motivated when returning to your work.


Ensure you don’t blur the line between work and home. Ensure you have a designated workstation that you can leave when your work day has finished and you can take time to focus on your personal life.

Try to avoid working in bed or on the sofa and try to work at a desk – it is more beneficial and will help you to switch off after work.


Maintaining connection is important for a positive working from home experience. Although it might not be physically like in the office you could do this through Microsoft Team, Zoom meetings, Whatsapp groups. Try and figure out who you need to communicate with the most and how you are going to do so. Not only will this help your work, but will also allow you to support each other, as working from home isn’t always the ideal for some people.


Working from home may leave you feeling isolated, this is why it is so important to stay socially connected to the outside world. Perhaps ring your colleagues instead of emailing to increase human interaction whilst working from home. Again, remember to not burn yourself out and log out once work is done.