18 March, 2021

Applied for hundreds of jobs but unable to secure an interview?


We know how frustrating the job search can be! That's why we've put together some useful tips and tricks to help you move a step closer to your dream job!


  • Stay away from using bright colours and busy fonts. Keep it simple, clean and professional! 


  • Structure is everything! Use headings and bullet points rather than paragraphs. By doing so, it's more appealing to the reader and you are able to draw their attention to the most relevant pieces of information. 


  • Use POWER words and a punchy profile to capture the recruiter's attention! 


  • Don't waffle - keep it concise! Try to condense it to 1 page (2 maximum). Employers view hundreds of CVs for a role and will only spend a few minutes viewing each one so remove any unnecessary information. 


  • Tailor it to the role that you're applying for and incorporate the relevant requirements into your CV and back this up by using examples to help bring your CV to life. It's important to be honest, as you'll only be caught out in the interview and you don't want to appear disingenuous. Be sure to mention your strengths and suitability for the role in the top few sections to keep them interested. 


  • Highlight your key achievements rather than just listing responsibilities. Make an impact; employers want to know what value you can add to their business. Show the employers why they should hire you by using impressive facts and figures.


  • Add any extra-curricular activities and hobbies into your CV- it shows you are human and that you are able to maintain a healthy work-life balance.


  • Check it once, check it twice, check it 3 times! Make sure there are no grammatical errors, as one spelling mistake could cost you your dream job!
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