5 January, 2022

Happy New Year! We hope you have a great 2022 filled with success, opportunities and achievements.

Many of us set ourselves New Year resolutions we want to achieve throughout the year, and many resolutions resolve around work, whether that be finding a new role, a promotion, a pay rise.

The new year is a popular time for people to search for new jobs, to align with their resolutions they strive to achieve, but also due to companies receiving updated budgets in the beginning of the year. This meaning they have a better idea of whether they can afford to hire new team members. Alongside those factors, the jobs market is slowly but surely recovering since the beginning of COVID-19 according to ONS, and now is the time to start applying yourself for your future career!

Mpeople Recruitment have plenty of live vacancies we would love to help with if you are interested and have goals you want to meet within the new year, follow the link below to view all of our current roles that you may be suited for and we can help you find your new role for the new year! Let us help you become apart of the 300,000 people who use the recruitment industry to make the transition from unemployed to securing a permanent role (REC)!

https://jobs.mpeople-recruitment.com/ - click here to find your next role.