25 February, 2022

The work habits we practice on a day to day basis can have a huge impact on future career advancements. The following work habits are sure to boost your career.


  • Do your urgent tasks first

Before you begin your day, write yourself a list with your most crucial tasks which you want to complete for the day. Prioritise them in order of importance and if needed create a plan of how you are going to execute the tasks.

  • Say no to low priority tasks

A common mistake employees make is completing minor tasks that are not their responsibility, which in turn affects their success in their own role.

  • Incorporate an individual weekly review

Many companies have weekly department meetings to ensure everybody is on the same page and whether any tasks can be done to improve their task outcome. Try to incorporate a weekly personal review into your own routine to ensure you are accomplishing your tasks for the week as planned. Ensure the quality of work is up to a great standard and take note of anything you need to complete before the end of the week.


  • Take small breaks

Something as simple as making yourself a hot drink after completing a task can have a dramatic impact on your drive to produce high quality work and improve your efficiency. This little break also allows you to prepare yourself for your next task when you return to your desk/work space.

  • Record all of your ideas

Take note of any ideas that spring to mind whether they relate to your current workload, your company or your future employment plans. This shows you are being proactive and may be asked to express new ideas which you will be able to express.

  • Eliminate distractions

Eliminate distractions such as your phone, personal email or other notifications which can appear on your work computer decrease motivation by making you want to attend to them rather than achieving your daily goals. Removing these distractions allows you to feel as though they are a reward when you come to it on your lunch or after work.


  • Keep a professional appearance

Having a professional appearance during work hours influences how coworkers and clients view you but also aids you in behaving professionally and be confident in your abilities.


  • Never stop learning and investing in your own development

There are a number of ways you can be receptive to learning and expanding your knowledge. This could be something as simple as reading relevant books in any spare time, doing an online course to brush up on your skills or even attending a seminar day. Never get too comfortable, always aim higher.

  • Keep up to date on your company and the industry as a whole

Keep up to date with your company and those within it on social media platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook to ensure you are aware of any industry trends and how it could affect your career and your company’s success.


At Mpeople Recruitment we aim to place you in relevant roles where you can progress and to assist you in your career development. We do this by gaining a full understanding of your aspirations and personality placing you in roles suited to your skill set and