15 June, 2021


Do you have any EU workers in your company? Have you checked if they have applied for settled or pre-settled status? If not, it's time to check now.

To avoid candidate shortage and make sure please make sure your staff have applied before the 30th June. All EU workers must have applied for 'Settled' or 'Pre-Settled' Status by 30th June. If this affects yourself or anybody you know, you must act now! Individuals married to a UK citizen, or those with permanent residence, must still apply. Even those who have been here for 20 or 30 years must still apply. If you havent applied by 30th June, you can lose your job and the right to live within the UK. To apply, Go to GOV.UK and search "EU Settlement Scheme".

How does the EU settlement scheme work?

Settled status will grant a person the same rights to healthcare, education, benefits and pensions as a British citizen. If somebody from an EU country lives in the UK, but has not been here for the five years that the scheme requires, they can be given something called pre-settled status.