3 November, 2021

Look after your body

Taking care of your body is vital and can promote positive mental health, you can do this by ensuring you’re eating nutritious meals, taking part in regular physical activity and drinking plenty of water to keep you hydrated. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle not only benefits your physical health but also your mental health. Physical activity can reduce stress and anxiety, promote happy chemicals and improves sleep, alongside eating a balanced diet which can improve your concentration and attention span.

Make rest and relaxation a priority

After a long day at work, the majority of us look forward to relaxing once home, but how often do we actually take time to relax? I’m sure many of us frequently give it a miss. Why not schedule one day a week to ensure you take time for yourself; have a bath, do a face mask, meditate, partake in activities that bring you joy or spend undivided time with loved ones. Ensuring you do something to relax often reduces stress and can also boost your mood.

Surround yourself with positive influences

As we all know, when you are surrounded by happy, positive people, the positivity often rubs off onto us. Try to maintain positivity in various aspects in your life as well as the company you keep; for example, music or podcasts listened to, TV you are watching, books you are reading - you may be surprised how your mood changes!

Embrace Imperfection

Nobody is perfect, and often we put so much pressure on ourselves to complete tasks and reach specific milestones for a specific time, and often the pressure comes from comparing ourselves to the next person. The popular quote ‘comparison is the thief of joy’ comes to mind. Although it’s good to have healthy competition, stay in your own lane and achieve your goals for you, nobody else! When things don’t go to plan, that is okay! Learn from your mistakes and don’t be so hard on yourself, if a friend made the same mistake, you most likely wouldn’t scrutinise them as much as you do yourself.

Celebrate every win

It’s important to celebrate our wins no matter how big or small, when feeling a bit low it’s sometimes difficult to complete daily tasks that you usually would. So any task you do achieve be proud of yourself, no matter how small and insignificant you may feel it is.

Talk to someone

It’s so easy to withhold our feelings as we may feel we are burdening someone if we was to express them. However, having somebody to disclose your emotions to can benefit your mental health, it can help you feel as though you’re not suffering or struggling alone and the person you decide to confide in may offer to help in one way or another. Reaching out for professional help can give solutions to help improve your mental health and prevent blips that may occur in the future.