4 March, 2022

10 Ways to Show Appreciation on Employee Appreciation Day 2022


As a leader, employee recognition is key to a successful and efficient workforce. So this is a time to honour your employees. A team that feels valued will be more motivated to put in their best work.

Team Lunch

Take time to catch up with your employees whilst enjoying some nice food.

Snacks and Goodies

Your employees are sure to appreciate delicious snacks, especially if it is some homemade baked goods.

Team Trip

Why not organise a trip or a small retreat with your employees which will definitely provide them with long lasting, fond memories.

In-Office or Remote activities

You can also arrange a few mini games and quizzes within the office or online, this can also serve as an opportunity to strengthen bonds within your team.

A Note of Appreciation

Perhaps consider writing a note expressing your appreciation for your employees, addressing their personal contributions and milestones which will show your recognition of your employees efforts and contributions.

Awards Night

Host your own awards ceremony, even if it is a simple light-hearted ceremony celebrating silly awards, it can be a fun opportunity to get to know your employees better. Or you could genuinely award your employees with rewards they are deserving of.


Gift your employees with little trinkets which they could have on their desks perhaps as a token of appreciation and let them know you’re grateful for the work they do.

Care Package

As we all know, wellbeing in the workplace matters. Providing a care package with tea bags, skincare products, their favourite snacks will allow them to pamper themselves.

Time Off

Maybe surprise them with a half-day off and allow them to recharge and enjoy themselves.

‘Thank You’

Simply thanking your employees for their hard work and efforts can go a long way in making them feel appreciation.